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The Journey of Inanna; Silent Snows 
12th-Oct-2005 08:18 pm
Mass Effect: No-One Left Behind
Title: The Jouney of Inanna
Chapter: Silent Snows
Rating: Teens, for a few semi-naughty things.
Genre: Begins A/A and General, finishes Romance Noir.
Pairings: Charlie/Hermione/Harry, Ron/Draco, Luna/Kingsley
Summary: Against the evildoer she renders a cruel judgement/destroys the wicked/She looks with kindly eyes on the straightforward/gives him her blessing. The Trio descend into Romania.
Author's Note: Collaboration between our_innocence and shortitude.The real C/Hr/H romance, as well as the other two pairings, begins in the next chapter.

Note to self: Remember to bring warm socks.

This ran through Ron's mind over and over as he, Hermione, and Harry trudged through the snow. Hermione led, as usual, Harry holding on to her free hand and Ron clutching her at the waist. Together, they descended through the mountains that would lead them into Romania with the most discretion possible.

Idly, as Hermione's scarf zipped back and whacked him in the face, he wondered if God purposefully made his life a living hell as retribution for all the times he had annoyed his parents.

"I think we're almost there!" yelled Harry, struggling to maintain even footing in the snow. Hermione, as always, managed to keep her balance. She pulled Harry up by the collar, and used her other hand to grab Ron's belt buckle and pull him forward.

Five months ago, her actions would have made him turn redder than the wind was making his face sting, but after months of defying death at every which way, he merely shivered when an icy breeze found its way down his pants.

Maybe God was going to freeze his penis off.

He was starting to think he'd never be able to use it again. A few false starts with Hermione had told them that their relationship was not going to work during the War, and so poor Ron's willie was left to languish in disuse.

He sighed, then let out a terrific yell as he suddenly lurched forward, taking his two best friends with him as he tumbled down the snowy slope.

"I think," said Hermione as she started methodically drying Ron's clothes, "that was a sign that we need to stop for the night."

"I agree," said Harry, packing snow on a cut he'd earned on his downward slide. "Is there anywhere to stay?"

"At this point," put in Ron, "I'm willing to stay in a Death Eater's house. With the way things are going..."

"Only if we kill him first," said Hermione casually. "There. Warmer?"

"Yes, thank you," said Ron gratefully. "You got all the snow that was wedged in my arse crack."

"RON!" said Hermione in horror, her nose wrinkling. "There are things I do not need to know, and that includes things that get wedged in your bottom." Harry laughed uproariously as Hermione chastised Ron, who was busy laughing at the sight of Hermione's disgusted face to.

"Boys!" she muttered, but a small smile on her face assured Ron that she was not going to stick her icy hands down his shirt tonight, like she normally did when he annoyed her.

"Hey!" exclaimed Harry suddenly. "Look!"

His mittened hand was pointed towards a shack to the east. It appeared to be abandoned, but secure enough, and Death Eaters were few and far between in Romania; the locals did not care of random killings of their citizens, as one foolhardy group once learnt.

"It's better than this place," said Ron. "Let's go."

They took off towards the shack.

A shadow loomed in another house, a larger one, just out of view from the shack's lone window. It squinted, then gasped, as it saw three small figures running furiously towards it.

The shadow raced up the stairs, where a light-haired man slept soundly, but silently, his wand tucked under his pillow. The shadow reached for him, long slim fingers emerging from the gloom to shake the man awake.

"Wake up!" it hissed. "There are people going towards the empty shack!"

The man bolted upwards in bed, still clothed in thick, warm robes. He grabbed his wand with one hand and the shadow by the other, then ran down the stairs with both still firmly in his grasp. Setting his wand between his teeth, he hurriedly dressed himself and the shadow, who stared out the window with its stormy eyes, in light-coloured robes. Taking his wand back, he threw open the door, and they both charged into the silent snows.

"Good," purred the woman, with dark, glowing eyes. "Yes, my Master, that is perfect."

"I know, my child," said the Dark Lord smoothly, favouring his current favourite with a pat on the head. "But not possible without you. But then, I knew you would come back to me. The world isn't strong enough for you."

The woman smiled in satisfaction, humming as she traced her Dark Mark with one small, stubby finger.

"Of course, My Lord."

"Well, this looks nice enough," said Ron, surveying their temporary quarters.

Hermione was bent over a table, examining some maps and biting her lip. Harry stood next to her, facing the opposite way, as he cooked some food in a small cauldron, stirring it's contents clockwise.

"No corned beef?" asked Ron hopefully.

"No corned beef," confirmed Harry, chuckling at Ron's sigh of relief. "Just some beef, beans, and potatoes."

"Sounds good," said Hermione absentmindedly, pushing her hair out of her eyes. Harry turned around to peer over the maps, putting one pale hand on Hermione's back.

Ron frowned. Not at the sight of Harry's hand on her back; he realised, with a start, that it no longer seemed to matter to him anymore. What bothered him was how thin Hermione was getting; he could see some of her vertebrae sticking out. Harry, too, looked gaunt, his cheekbones cutting the night air. Ron looked down at his own hands, and was surprised to see how bony they were; every vein popped out, like rivers on a map.

"I don't suppose we could take a vacation?" he asked, half in jest. Hermione slumped a little, and Harry caught her before she fell.

"Dead on your feet," he said sternly. "We all are."

Ron sighed. "We really do need one, you know," he said.

"No rest for the wicked," muttered Hermione, rubbing her face. "And that means no sleep for us, either." Her face contorted, and Ron knew that she wanted to cry desperately.

He wanted to, for that matter. Instead, he said, "Let's eat. And then relax."

The shadow and the flame-haired man raced together silently, trying to reach the shack without being noticed.

They descended upon the shack, but the bright lights within only told them that three people were inside. They looked at one another, nodded, then crept around the front and burst open through the door, curses flying.

Hermione screamed when the first curse flew over her head. Harry grabbed her by the arm and yanked her down, throwing one arm out and taking Ron with them. Whipping their wands out, they prepared to start hexing right back.

Hermione suddenly tensed, then held her hand up. "HOLD YOUR FIRE!" she shouted, and the two figures in the doorway stopped, apparently stunned. She stood up shakily, her hands apart. She waved the smoke away from her eyes and looked foward.

The woman stretched out on her bed, enjoying an opulence she had always deserved, but been denied for so many years. The silk writhed under her bare flesh as she wrapped the covering around her, a wicked smile curving on her lips.

They'd pay for underestimating her, for always putting her second.

They'd all pay.

Especially him.

The shadow and the flame hesitated when a familiar female voice shouted for them to cease fire. She stood up, waving her hands, and peered forward.

She gasped.

"Charlie? Malfoy?!"
13th-Oct-2005 01:28 pm (UTC)
Oh, mmmm, I love you. I LUUUUUURVE you.

What I love:

Maybe God was going to freeze his penis off.

OMG, *dies in laughter*. Poor Ron, pennis is freezing, and butt crack is freezing. Malfoy'll need to warm him up real nicely, eh?

I like the mysterious woman *wink*, I think we should keep her mysterious. Now we only need the plannin for the next chapter. Should I do it? [I suppose, yeah.]

ALSO? Next chappy needs a Luna/Kingsley interferrence.

Oh GOSH, this project rocks me!
14th-Oct-2005 12:54 am (UTC)
Either of us can do it, I'm not fussed.

So, how do we broach Kingsley/Luna?

:: will write you an email with ideas. After she finishes this C/H/Hr one-off ::
14th-Oct-2005 01:26 pm (UTC)
Squee! You're writing C/Hr/H? Geometric, perhaps? Or...or not.

::will expect email, in case we don't find each other online::
14th-Oct-2005 12:12 am (UTC)
I am in love with you both.

That is all.
14th-Oct-2005 12:55 am (UTC)
We love you too. :D
4th-Nov-2005 08:50 pm (UTC)
Yes, indeed. We probably would love anyone who'd love C/Hr/H. :D
(Deleted comment)
9th-Jun-2007 06:53 am (UTC)
O hay guys. I came across this (yes I know it's been a year and a half) and noticed you guys never finished it. This makes me sad.

Haha, that is all. Oh and that is so totally Ginny. >.>;; Maybe...
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