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Harry Potter Innumerous

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HP Innumerous- Because love comes in many forms

hp_innumerous is a community devoted to fanfiction, fanart, and discussion about three-or-more-somes- Relationships that consist of three or more people in one, solid pairing, instead of being broken up into two or more.

The rules of this community are simple- play nice, lest our_innocence and shortitude bring the wrath of a hundred wangsty authors down upon your little head.

Here are the 'offical' rules:

1. All stories over 100 words must be kept under an lj-cut. All stories that are M or MA in nature must also be placed under an lj-cut. Artwork and essays that contain explicit material are to be placed under a cut. There are no exceptions to this rule.

2. You must place the appropriate ratings in your summary. This includes violence, non-con, graphic sex, abuse of any form, incest, and sexual kinks.

3. All stories and pictures must have a rating. The rating system for hp_innumerous are as follows:

K: Kid-friendly, all audiences.
T: Teen-friendly, may have mild sexual innuendo or brief moments of non-graphic violence.
T+: Teen-friendly, but havs more innuendo or non-graphic violence.
M: Mature, may have some descriptions of sex and fairly graphic violence.
MA: Mature+, has continued themes of graphic sex and/or violence.

4. Other ships and characters are allowed, of course, but the main focus of the story must be on the three-or-more-some. [On another note, Seren is going to have to figure out a shorthand code for this. :: sighs ::]

5. our_innocence absolutely despises netspeak, besides forms of lol and such. Please don't use it.

6. Less of a rule, and more of a warning: Themes such as incest and rape may be covered here. And all stories will cover a degree of homosexuality, so if you dislike this, you've come to the wrong place.

Obilgatory Template for fics and artwork:
Author/Artist Notes:

Members are more than welcome to link directly back to their journals or whereever their story/artwork is posted.

Three challenges will be issued every Friday by the moderators: One will be a word challenge, one will be a lyric challenge [wherein a specific lyric is posted, and writers/artosts take their cues from there], and one will be a theme challenge. Members may responsd to any challenges they wish, as many times as they wish. Members are also free to post other three-or-moresome stories/artwork not related to challenges whenever they wish- we encourage it!

If you have any questions, you can contact either Seren [our_innocence or Cella shortitude.